Did You Know

•••1,270 Appalachian Trail hikers visited Waynesboro, VA this summer.

••• Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world women are not allowed to drive or have a driver’s license.

•••People check their cell phones on average 1500 times a day. That is just less than 2 times/minute.

••• 60% of HR execs are checking a candidate’s social-media activity.

Bradford Business Items

••• Our 47th year of business- operating since April 1967.


••• If you have staffing needs,  please let us know.

••• Call Heather or April for any yes, any staffing needs.


••• www.Bradford-Staffing.com  



•••Drug Screens &/or background

checks for any company-
customer or not.

••• Nov 2, 1896 – 1st auto insurance policy written and it excluded
damage by frightened horses.
••• Nov 4, 1922 – King Tut’s tomb discovered in Egypt. giza 1756946 960 720

•••Nov 14, 1896Horseless “auto” speed limit raised from 4 MPH to 14 MPH.
••• Nov. 21, 1783– 1stmanned hot air balloon ride.


This & That
•••5,000 new entries in Webster’s Scrabble dictionary, including qajaq, po, and ayaya.
••• 786,000 Americans drive a bicycle to work.
•••NYC Tremont Hotel - 1stin the U.S. to install indoor plumbing in 1829.

Business Trivia

•••IRS Audit Trail. 1 in 104 people get pulled for an IRS audit. Making over $200K gives you 1:30. 1:9 odds of an audit if earning over $1.0M.

#2 reason for an audit is not reporting income.

#3 = large charitable contributions. Day trading, rental losses, and business meals follow.
#7 is 100% business use of auto.
#8= hobby business (no profit for years).

#9 is home office deductions,
#10 is alimony.

••• USA has the highest rates of trying illegal and legal drugs. 16% have tried cocaine, #2 is Spain & Colombia at 4%. Also ranking #1 are Americans who have tried: Alcohol = 92%, Tobacco = 74%, and marijuana = 42%.

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