Did You Know

•••The FDA agrees it is impossible to mass make a food product without insect parts in it.

••• As a result of legalization, a kilo of Mexican marijuana has dropped from $100 to $25 in 5 years.

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••• 80% of facebook users will drop the network by 2017.

••• 5% of Americans prefer their steak Rare, compared with 8% who

prefer Well-Done.

Bradford Business Items

••• Our 47th year of business-operating since April 1967.


••• If you have staffing needs,  please let us know.

••• Call Heather or April or Samantha for any yes, any staffing needs.


••• www.Bradford-Staffing.com  



•••Drug Screens &/or background 

checks for any company-
customer or not.

••• Bradford Staffing Facebook has a video of our Company taking the Ice Bucket Challenge, and lists the additional donations on top of ALS

we’ll be making.

••• September 2, 1752 - The British switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar, Wednesday, Sept. 2 was followed by Thursday,
Sept. 14. The correction resulted in rioting by people who felt cheated and demanded the missing 11 days back.
••• September 9, 1776 - The United States came into existence as the Continental Congress changed the name of the new American nation
from the United Colonies.


This & That
•••Stephen King was paid $5,000 for the film rights to his book Shawshank Redemption.
••• The Shawshank Redemption movie grossed $28,000,000
•••Last year, Shawshank Redemption had 151 hours of air time on TV.


Business Trivia

•••CREDIT CARDS. 390 million open accounts in the USA. 26.2 billion transactions in a year – about 50,000 purchases a minute. Most cards weigh

0.2 ounces-together U.S. credit cards total weigh is almost 5 million pounds. Average consumer debt is $5,200/card. 1 in 3 of all people with

debt have been turned over to a collection agency.

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