Did You Know

•••Restaurant is the most mis-spelled word in internet searches.

••• #1 salad dressing sold is ranch, selling over twice as much as Blue Cheese, which is #2.

•••There are now 172 female billionaires, a 25% increase from only 1 year ago.

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••• Top 3 arms and munitions customers of the U.S. are Australia, South Korea and United Arab Emirates.

••• A whopping 91% of U.S. workers say flexible summer hours would improve their morale & efficiency.

Bradford Business Items

••• Our 47th year of business-operating since April 1967.


••• If you have staffing needs, please let us know.

••• Call Heather or April or Samantha for any yes, any staffing needs.


••• www.Bradford-Staffing.com  



•••Drug Screens &/or background 

checks for any company-
customer or not.

••• If you think “History” has too much about women, remember SWaM means we are women
owned! (And it’s interesting).

••• June6, 1872Susan B. Anthony was arrested and fined $100 for trying to vote in a presidential election.
••• June 10, 1652- 1stU.S. coin, the Pine Tree Shilling minted by John Hullin. The 1652 coin now sells for $43,500.
••• June 16, 1963-1st Soviet woman goes into space.
••• June 18, 1983-(NOTE-20 years later)-1st U.S. woman goes into space.


This & That

•••39% of U.S. workers have gained weight at their current job. Outpacing the national average are workers in IT (50%), government (48%) and healthcare (42%).


Business Trivia

•••WORLD CUP SOCCER. 3.2 billion people watched in 2010 (46.4% of the world’s population). 76 nations have
played since the 1st world cup in 1930. During the ’94 USA competitions 3.6 million fans clicked through turnstiles
(69,000 per game). USA has appeared in 9 tournaments. Our best & highest finish was 3rd place – in 1930.

••• MINIMUM WAGE. 38% of employers of minimum wage workers would cut staff if the minimum rises to $10.00/hr. 54% would reduce hiring, and 65% would raise their prices.

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