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••• U.S. consumes 37% of the world’s cocaine supply. 2nd place is Brazil, with 18%.

••• Gmail is the world’s most popular email service with 425 million active users.

•••64 teams in the NCAA. Odds of filling out a complete perfect bracket is 35.36 billion to 1.

••• Only 4 #1 nationally ranked teams have actually won the NCAA tournament in the past 34 years.

Bradford Business Items

••• Our 46th year of business starts this month.1967 – 2013.


••• If you have staffing needs,  please let us know

••• Call Heather or April for any - yes any - staffing needs .


••• www.Bradford-Staffing.com is our website - check it out!  Like Us On FACEBOOK!


••• Bradford Staffing is one of the 50 largest employers in Augusta County according to the VEC website. We are so proud of

this, we thought we’d repeat this from last month, thanks to all who helped to get us to this level!


••• April 2, 1792 - Congress established the first U.S. Mint at Philadelphia.
•••April 6, 1896 - After a break of 1500 years, the first Olympics of the modern era was held in Athens, Greece.
••• April 9, 1866 - Despite a veto by President Andrew Johnson, the Civil Rights Bill of 1866 was passed by Congress granting
blacks the rights and privileges of U.S. citizenship.
•••April 22, 1864 - "In God We Trust" was included on all newly minted U.S. coins by an Act of Congress.


This & That

••• Only once has all #1 division seeds made it to the NCAA final 4.

•••U.S. supervisors say 45% of meetings they attend “accomplish nothing”.

•• Eating 2 slices of cheese a day cuts the risk of Type 2 diabetes by 12%.


Business Trivia

••• St. Baldrick’s is the non-profit group where volunteers raise money for children’s cancer researchby raising donations and then have their head shaved. This year, Mary Jorgensen, President of Bradford (and a beautician) shaved 31 heads in Charlottesville, a group that raised over $88,000.

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