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Did You Know

••• There is a 6 in 7 chance that an employed American works in the service industry.

••• An average employee spends 5.6 hours/week in meetings.

•••A person will drink 8,000 gallons of water in a lifetime.

••• The same person above will use 68,250 gallons of water bushing their teeth in a lifetime.

••• 4 billion YouTube videos are viewed every day.

Bradford Business Items

••• Our 45th year of business.


••• If you have staffing needs, please let us know

••• Call Heather or April for any - yes any - staffing needs .


••• www.Bradford-Staffing.com is our website - check it out! Like Us On FACEBOOK!


••• According to the most recent data on the VEC website, Bradford Staffing is one of the 50 largest employers in Augusta County.



••• 3-25-1954 – RCA produced the first color TV set.

•••3-30-1867 –America buys Alaska from Russia for $7.2 Million –nearly 2 cents/acre.


This & That

••• The chance of making 2 holes in 1 during the same round of golf is 1:67 million.

•••Rats multiply so quickly that, in 18 months, 2 rats will have over 1 million descendants.

•• A person can survive 1 week without water.

Business Trivia

••• Oreo Cookies turns 101 in March. Even they have had losers. The Candy Corn cream flavored Oreo lasted through 1 Halloween, and

the Creamsicle flavored Oreo closed in 6 months. Peach and Grape lasted less than a year, and Green Tea cream filled Oreos are only sold in Asia.

•••Newcastle University has studied people’s brain waves. The most unpleasant sound is 1) knife 2) fork and 4) ruler scraping against glass.

Chalk on the blackboard is #3. #5 is nails on the blackboard, a female scream comes in at 6. Angle grinder, squealing bicycle brakes, a crying

baby and an electric drill round out the top 10 worst sounds to our ears.

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