Did You Know

••• Because trees cover 20% of its landmass, London is officially designated a forest.

••• Lloyd’s of London has written 60,000 insurance policies covering transformation into a Werewolf or Vampire.

•••15% of American women send themselves Valentine flowers.

••• Over 31% of US believes they need over $2 million to retire.

••• 62% of households own a pet.

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Bradford Business Items

••• Our 45th year of business.


••• If you have staffing needs, please let us know

••• Call Heather or April for any - yes any - staffing needs .


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••• 2-8-1910 – Boy Scouts of America founded (I know I said this last year, I’m an Eagle Scout).

••• 2-22-1732 – George Washington was born.

•••2-24-1803 - the most important decision in American history, 1st time Federal Courts overturned a U.S. law. Fed. Courts cannot tell government

officials how to act or what to do.


This & That

••• 1 out of 7 Americans are being tracked by 3rd party debt collectors.

•••$1,092 is spent by the average worker annually on buying coffee.

•• 1 of every 4 Americans say they could not get $2,000 in 30 days.


Business Trivia

••• Consider the federal budget. VA received $59.4 billion in federal contracts, $42.8 billion form DOD, 59,000 statewide contracts.

Shenandoah had over 800 contracts. VA’s 207,571 potential job loss is 2nd only to CA. At present, it’s scheduled to increase 2%/yr for the

next decade.

•••Apple has 95,000 factory workers in Shenzhen, China , where they have 60 hr work weeks and had over 700 recorded accidents last year. The

workers have an average annual salary of $4,600 each. This same $441 million is what Apple paid it’s 9 member board of directors. Apple

also funnels 70% of it’s profits through countries with lower tax rates. Apple’s effective tax rate is under 10% - Wal-Mart is at 24%.

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